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    Default Do you think you can make your child's diet too healthy?

    @Silver flute my 3yo dd is the same. Less than 3rd percentile weight, (I'm very petite with a very small appetite so it's not a medical issue just genetic) not interested in food in general, let alone real food. No meat (apart from bacon or Maccas chicken bites), no fruit, no veg....
    I try to stay away from threads like this it just upsets me and makes me feel like a terrible parent when I know it's not my fault at all, she's just a crappy water but is happy and healthy (even if she has tiny teddies for lunch lol)

    Eta: she wouldn't even eat chocolate cake for her 3rd birthday... I mean what kid doesn't like cake?!? So she had ice cream....
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    Yes, the kids' mum is guilty of this.

    I noticed it when DSD, at 5, said "no that will make me fat" about juice. 5!

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    I'm so happy that it was my 2nd child who decided to be a fussy eater. If I went through all this with my first I would have blamed myself a lot.

    My personal opinion (that may **** off some people) is a child who will not even try a chicken nugget is just as fussy as the child who won't try a piece of brocolli.

    My DS eats a very limited range of food but, now he eats chicken and fish, eats all food groups. More than anything it is his refusal to TRY new foods that makes him frustratingly fussy. His big sister has food preferences, like most of us, but she worked these out by trying everything offered. DS even forgets that he likes something if he hasn't had it for a few weeks and l literally havr to force some into his mouth so he remembers he likes it!

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    Yes I think it can be overboard, and I grew up that way. As I have said before in these discussions, I was the child stuffing their face with junk at kids parties while the others ran around having fun. As an adult I have had a lot of issues with junk food and having this sub conscious belief that now as an adult I am free to eat what I want and will. I'm currently a fine weight, but it has come after a hell of a lot of work emotionally.

    Dh and I believe in moderation, simple as that. We actually don't get take away much at all and my daughter won't drink anything but water. But I'll buy a block of chocolate each week and we have a movie night on the weekend with chips and popcorn. Sometimes we'll have frozen pies for tea bc I'm so exhausted from not sleeping with DS2. Meh. All my kids are healthy, not in the least overweight, their teeth are beautiful, they eat a stack of fresh fruit and vegies and good food, and unlike me they are developing their own self control.

    I do believe it's become the new SanctiMummy. It used to be breast feeding, not circing, AP type. But now it's this whole new level of obsessive food to, IMO garner attention and get back pats for what a good mother they are. Bc a good mother mills their own spelt flour and not only buys organic tomatoes but grows them! I find it tiresome and transparent.

    ETA growing your own tomatoes or making cakes from scratch doesn't make you Sanctimummy, it's when you do it for validation and to look down on others that it makes you that.
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