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    I was raised in a strict Christian cult (not sure of a better word for it).

    I guess the best description of me is agnostic.

    I refuse to take my children to my parents church, it is in our court orders that my ex can't take the kids to said church.

    My DP is atheist.

    We talk openly with the girls about all religions and DD11 did RE at school until she came home saying DP and I would go to hell as we didn't believe in God. So neither of my DDs do religion.

    DD8 tells everyone she is Buddhist and she does a lot of reading about Buddha.

    DD11 says she doesn't believe in God or anything.

    We talk about acceptance of people as a whole rather than acceptance based on what religion they are or what God they believe.

    So far we have talked about Buddha, Islam (that came up as DD8 thought they were bushrangers), Christianity and Pastafarian .

    I would never not disclose my faith or lack there of. It is nothing to be ashamed of, just as their thoughts and beliefs are nothing to be ashamed of.

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    I don't know that I have any specific beliefs really. I tend to focus on love, kindness, equality, empathy, understanding and tolerance. In terms of raising my son with any beliefs, I'll let him choose his own path. I would really like it if, instead of learning about a specific religion, kids learnt about all sorts of belief systems.

    My dad was completely atheist until he almost died in an accident almost 10 years ago. He holds the opinion that there were just too many coincidences for him to have survived and there not be something else. I can kind of see his point there - he could have died if just one of about 10 huge factors had been a tiny bit different.


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