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    Quote Originally Posted by delirium View Post
    However, the other girl with loads of experience should have got it. Furthermore, I do wonder if she had a penis, would she/he be considered arrogant or 'confident', 'motivated' or 'high self worth'? I bet a million bucks I am right.

    But the whole circumventing you and the other girl to do the plans though, I'd be p*ssed. You both have extensive experience, it's in your job description... why cut you out?

    I'd be feeling quite expendable and looking for a new job if it were me.
    I agree with the man thing - women who sell themselves are arrogant and men who do it are assertive!

    As for looking for another job, I am looking but it's hard to find work part time at an equivalent rate of pay. Throw into the mix the fact that due to the organisational restructure this coming August (was meant to be last November) I'm finding out if my role is being made redundant. Which is worth sticking around for as it is a $52k payout. But I can't help but feel that they're treating myself and Jane like crap so we leave and they don't replace us and they save $100k!!?

    [QUOTE=Wise Enough;8395674]Happens at my work all the time. Management have favourites and will always choose them for the role they want. Often "yes people" who don't challenge anything.

    You've hit the nail on the head, Sarah is 7 years my junior and still in that out to impress stage and says yes to everything. I'm a bit more of a challenger only as I've been there longer than anyone in the team so I've seen things not work or they don't have a decent ROI so I question how we can do things better or repurpose the funds, yet each year my boss runs the exact campaigns in the exact same way.

    I've come up with many proposals in my time which are backed up with research and budget projections etc but he has ignored each and every one of them!

    He's a come to work and leave and just do the bare minimum type of person and if we challenge anything , we are put in the all too hard basket.

    Yet there have been other staff who have caused all manner of issues in our team with their behaviour and never get reprimanded.

    In all honesty it's the possibility of a $52k payout that is keeping me there now. It used to be loyalty and opportunities to grow but those opportunities don't exist for a part time person and where has my loyalty got me!? No where!

    Quote Originally Posted by twinklify View Post
    This. I have heard/read so much about how unfair it is that women with children (usually part time workers) do not get any manager/TL roles as they need to be FT. I hope that all industries change the way they view flexible working arrangements but to be honest I'd be p*ssed.
    I agree! My organisation is huge yet there are no part time roles at a higher level than where I'm at, so no opportunity for mothers with young kids essentially! Unless they're full time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blossom74 View Post
    You have loads of experience under your belt and had you been able to work full time I have no doubt it would have been you chosen to do the job out of the available applicants. So the question then becomes how do YOU feel about it? Strongly enough to move on to a new employer who would appreciate what you can do in a part time capacity, or just upset enough to take it on the chin and work in a job where you feel undervalued?
    Cop it on the chin for now. Only due to the redundancy possibility, nothing else really. And if my role isn't made redundant I currently have 6 weeks annual leave and will be up for long service leave in November so at least I can Gai. Financially in that way by taking LSL, going back to work for a week then resigning and getting paid out my A/L. Sounds really greedy of me but like I mentioned loyalty has gotten me no where so I need to look after myself

    [QUOTE=Jontu;8395726]I would feel upset about being left out of the planning.

    This is probably what upsets me more. It's the straw that broke my back! I don't understand why I've been cast aside. Throughout this entire process my original boss has not spoken to me about any of it! I found out she was my team leader the day I returned to work. The other stuff around planning etc, the change in our responsibilities etc he has not spoken a word to Jane or I. Hasn't sent an email, hasn't explained anything. He's left that up to Sarah to do, he's gutless and needs to grow a pair!

    Quote Originally Posted by VicPark View Post
    1. I would be ****ed for myself that I missed out on a promotion

    2. I wouldn't be ****ed at my employer for not making a team leader role part time from the outset. Team leader roles (in my work at least) are very hard to fill effectively if you are in any less than 4 days per week. I probably would have applied for the position and if I was found successful then make a call on whether I would accept it (based on whether their offer of flexible hours was sufficient for me).

    3. I wouldn't necessarily be ****ed that one person got the job over another. Staff members don't have access to all the information panel members/managers do. Perhaps the new person has experience you are unaware of. Perhaps your friend stuffed up in a previous job (or current job) .

    I would probably grab a bottle of wine for Friday night and ask the new boss if she would like a handover from the previous years marketing plans - to prevent her coming accross some of the roadblocks you did. If you open the conversation in this way if there are valid reasons why she didn't consult you (eg she was told to do it herself) then this approach will help both of you. If she doesn't have a valid reason then this may help nudge her in the direction of better management. And will leave you smelling of roses and in consideration for the next opportunity.
    I've done your suggestion VP (sans wine) and she wasn't able to answer half of my questions. It's mostly been.... This is what I've been told by management my role is meant to be, the plans are already done so I just need to wait until they're released to know what I will be doing.

    I had mentioned that there were some ideas that I had and that I wAnted to discuss making them part of the plans. Do we had a meeting and because my ideas didn't fit into what she had done she just said maybe we could look at them next year.

    So she's 'managing' just like my original boss, pretending to care and take on board my ideas but then at the end just using a throw away line as to why we would just be doing things the way they've decided. Their way or the highway!

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    Oh and to a PP I think it was a case of advertising it as a formality as they wanted to keep Sarah in the role, so them don't make Jane or who ever else wanted to apply (no one) address 24 selection criteria if they were no chance of getting the role.

    Any role we have ever advertised has only had 10-15 max even for jobs 2 levels higher than the team leader one so why 24 for this role?

    For me it out me off as it was a 1 week application window and with 2 kids I was no hope of even getting through the criteria.

    Does anyone think I should talk to original boss and just be blunt and ask him (in a professional and non-emotional way) for feedback on my performance and some background as to what has lead to myself and Jane being left out of the planning??


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