So it has been almost 2 years and still no baby. Isn't it funny how you can spend your whole life trying to not get pregnant but now that you want to it's just not happening.... we have had some basic tests that reveal i am ovulating and all my levels seem normal. Hubby was below average for most of his results, but our GP stated it wasn't a huge issue, and given he was an obstetrician for 17 years I was inclined to believe him. Anyway, referral to specialist was made but when the appointment finally came around we had to cancel as we just couldn't afford it. First appointment $300 and was going to snowball from there... Have been back to GP and requested a referral to the royal womens. I have a friend being treated there who is very happy. Most initial appointments and testing etc all bulk billed, just having to pay for meds and if it comes to IVF any parts not covered by medicare.

Anyway, with regards to hubbys results. Having done some reading I am now thinking perhaps they are worse than we were initially led to believe. It's going to be a long wait after Christmas to be seen as a public patient, so whilst I understand that a forum does not replace a fertility specialist opinion, is there anyone more experienced than myself who can shed some light on how bad things are?

Hubby results are:
Volume: 2.8ml
Sperm Concentration : 12,200,000ml
Total Motility : 30%
Progressive Motility : 25%
Morphology: 10% normal forms

His sex and testosterone levels were low but still within normal range...

Thanks in advance!