Hi ladies,

Came across this and thought I'd share in case any other mummies would like to participate or include their beautiful baby's photos. This project is for all bereaved mothers regardless of the age of the child when they passed, just didn't know where else this fit.

Copy and pasted from the Luminous Light Studio facebook page:

The Bereaved Mother's Love Project is a video project I am working on. It is a tribute to bereaved mothers for mother's day.
This will not be a slideshow type video. I am going to do my best to present your photos in a way that is unique all while demonstrating the original purpose of this video.... I want to include as many submissions as possible. This means that one of your pictures will be used in this video in some way, shape, or form. This video is meant to celebrate the power of love between a mother and the child she can no longer hold. Because love ALWAYS prevails

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: *Photos must be of a mother with her child. If you do not have pictures with your child, you may submit a photo of you holding something that represents your child (teddy, balloon, urn, you at their resting place, etc.).
*Uncropped, high-quality photos are appreciated - though I understand if your photos don't meet the criteria. You may still send them.
*There is no age restriction as to when your child passed - because bereaved mothers come in many forms.
*When submitting your photo, please include a statement that answers the question, "What does it mean to be a bereaved mother?" Or your statement can finish this sentence, "The love of a bereaved mother is____." (or both if you are willing). Unique submissions will be considered if they are in line with the purpose of this project. So, if you have something you want to submit - please do! These statements may only be a few sentences long. Try to get creative with these!
*PLEASE keep in mind that if you submit photos - you must be willing to share those images publicly. BUT please know that all submissions will be treated respectfully and used solely for the purpose of this tribute. They will not be shared outside of that in any way.

PLEASE SHARE with anyone who may be interested!

Send submissions to: luminouslightstudio@gmail.com
Deadline is March 13, 2016
Project release is scheduled for the first week of May.