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    @chinadoll I am absolutely in shock for you guys! but things do happen for a reason. I must say you're incredibly lucky also to already have a son so what a wonderful journey you'll all be on.
    @Sharon amazing news for you also!

    As for me, I'm 4 days post transfer...still quite tender and tired (I didn't do well after the egg retrieval and was in a lot of pain). I am incredibly calm and relaxed, we are in Mykonos for the next week before going to see family in Italy. Do I think it will work? No. For whatever reason I don't think it's my time.

    There was also another couple we met there who got their good news on Saturday while we were there...she said she is a member here but rarely posts, so I'm thrilled for them also.

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    Hi ladies i didnt post since i am back from Greece i am 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Did blood test on 19/6 hcg was 10850 .. l tried to do altrasound they are refusing at women altrasound saying too early i dont have a gynecologists. .. i made an apt with one of them going to see him in two weeks time ... congratulations to all the ladies with good news
    @bindyboop i hope you doing well
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaydee32 View Post
    Time for Rollcall. If you need anything changed just inbox me. Cheers

    AngelD Due in Athens at Embryoland 16 July. Good luck.
    Alicat77 Due in Embryoland in Jun-16. Good luck
    AnnaMM Pregnant following cycle at Embryoland. Due mid Dec-16
    Ashwa Pregnant following trip to Embryoland. Due start Oct-16.
    AussieAmerican Due in Athens at Embryoland 7-14 July. Good luck.
    BindyBoop Planning to go to Embryoland in 2017. Good luck.
    Brimrush 43, 6 x OE cycles, Embryoland - twin girls born 17-Feb. Congratulations
    Chanel78 At Embryoland in May-16. No updates but fingers crossed.
    CherryCP Pregnant with twins following Iakentro trip in April. Congratulations!
    Chillout71 43 yrs, 4 x OE full stim ivf cycles with pgd (5 embryos all abnormal, 2 untested FETs BFN), Serum x DE Oct-15 BFN. Serum x DE Dec-15 BFP. Yay. Due end of Sep-16
    ChinaDoll4 Pregnant following trip to Embryoland in May-16. Congratulations
    GorgeousGeorge Due at Emrbyoland at End of Sep-16. Good luck.
    Lucky8 Using Genesis and Iakentro in Jul-16. Good luck Lucky!
    Jamellabeth 46 yrs, 1 x DS, Embryoland clinic - 18 weeks. Due May/Jun-16 with twins. No updates.
    Jaydee32 44 yrs, 4 x OE cycles. Pregnant following visit to Embryoland Due 16-Nov-16
    Justcantstop USA 47yrs, multiple OE ivf cycles, Embryoland in October. Will try again in 2016. Good luck.
    Juventina Transfer at Emrbyoland with OE 18/06. Fingers crossed.
    KateGC 36 yrs, 6 x OE cycles, 9 x ET's, 1 x miscarriage, Embryoland Oct-15 and miscarried very early. BFN January trip. Trying again early July. Positive thoughts for you.
    Kitkats BFN following trip to Serum in April. Good luck for next time.
    Kcraig 44 yrs, 5 x ICSI with new DH, 3 teenagers (with ex-dh),
    Embryoland clinic - 16 weeks. Baby girl born Jun-16. Congratulations
    KymmyMichell 3 sons, 2 x OE ivf cycles. Embryoland - pregnant and due Feb-16. No updates
    Laiylabelle BFP after trip to Embryoland. Due 23-Jul-16. In the home stretch.
    ******** Embryoland in 23/07. Good luck
    GoldCoastie No updates
    Rhino Planning to go to Embryoland in Oct-16. Good luck. A tough decision to move onto DE. Take care.
    Jojo85 No updates
    Ozrainey 42yrs, 4 x OE cycles, DE x Embryoland in Oct-15 BFP. 10 weeks. Due end of Jul-16.
    Piratehamster88 3 x OE cycles, Embryoland Jul-15 BFP. Baby girl born Mar-16. Congratulations
    Positano1 Pregnant following March trip after 2 previous failed DE at Embryoland. Third time lucky. Congratulations. Due end Nov-16
    SharonG Trip to Embryoland in May-16. Pregnant with twins!!! Awesome. Congratulations.
    Stacey10 Children from 24 to 3 yrs and toddler twins, DE in Czech Republic (but just likes to hang with us Greece babes :-D). Had treatment at Embio (not a fan). Having a lining scan at Serum in May before next Czech FET.
    Vixjc 41 yrs, 6 x OE ivf cycles, 1 x DE at Genesis (was not a fan),1 x ectopic, 1 x miscarriage, 1 x DE at Serum , DS born Dec ’14. FET for Baby no.2 in Sep-15 at Serum. BFN. Pregnant following sneaky trip in April. BFP with twins - due Jan-17. Awesome news.
    Wet Setter 40 yrs, 11 x OE ivf cycles (4 with PGD), 3 miscarriages. 1 x DE Iakentro.
    Baby boy born 22-Dec. Congratulations
    Yasna 44 yrs, 9 x OE ivf cycles (2 miscarriages), 1 x DE at Embryoland.
    Baby boy born 9-Dec. Congratulations
    @jaydee32, thanks for putting this together its fantastic. Just an update on me I have changed to Serum, I had some family issues and had to delay my trip to Embryoland and Dr N didn't see very happy as he didn't respond when I emailed him. Not getting hung up on it and Serum have been great. Definatley a different approach to treatment between the clinics. At this stage I am going over early September.

    I will start to post a bit more now I have some firmer plans. Hope everyone is doing well atm.

    I have also struggled with the decision about 1 or 2 embryo's. Its difficult when they quote the odds as being better to transfer to 2 but the risks of multiples are higher as well. I don't really want to have to go back to Athens a second time if I can help it. I'm going to leave it up to the last minute to decide. Not worth worrying about until you have to.

    Happy Hump Day!!!!

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    Thanks for the rollcall @jaydee32! Our count down is now on ... this time in 3 weeks we'll be on a plane heading to Athens via Rome! Big congratulations to @chinadoll @SharonG and @Chanel78 - can only hope we'll be so lucky . We'll be biting the bullet and going for two if we get the opportunity - here's hoping that we get that choice

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    Wow this thread does move so fast ! Last day at work today then off to Athens on Sunday ! Blood test results also due today to confirm down regulation - I hope all this effort equals down regulation !!! Not liking the taste of the synarel .....YUCK

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    @Chanel78 congratulations! @Juventina I do hope you are wrong and that you are BFP!!! @AngelD - 3 weeks - very exciting! @Lucky8 Sunday - wow - even more exciting!!!

    and good luck everyone - where ever you're at

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    @jaydee32. Thanks for updates, also my bub was born 1 june was due 16... Thanks
    Great news and congrats to all the girls

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    @******** a lot of us have used Vixjc's suggestion of putting all in a large clear container. Keep this with you in hand luggage and I kept my letter from my doctor stating what meds were in there. We took ours out when going through scanners etc but found they weren't fussed about knowing what was in them. Good luck.

    PS I keep a spreadsheet - that's due to my administration management background. Vixjc used to do it before me.

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    New thread over here ladies.


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