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    Thanks all - the old teacher emailed me and said he is at the lower end but at an ok level for entering year one but this is not what everything else I am reading says. As I mentioned - this new school doesn't do Magic100 ( the magic 100 words) which I find weird as at their old school it is all about the magic 100 words! I am familiar with them as my DD is in year two and has been doing the Magic100 (200,300 400 etc) the whole time. She is on reading Benchmark 17. I'm going to continue teaching him anyway - and I'll see what the new school says when they assess him, but at the end of the day I do think he is below what he should be :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by ICanDream View Post
    Yes no problem if you still want them
    It's ok the link from secret squirrel will do , thanks

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    I am a kindy teacher in NSW (same as prep). I believe the benchmark varies according to states and schools. If you have time I would use the lists of words people have given you (it doesn't matter which list) and do maybe 5 or so words at a time to try and get him recognizing more words. When you read, if you can read to him first. Before reading look through the pictures and discuss what the book might be about. This will help him "guess" unfamiliar words based on the pictures. Together look through the words and see if he can find any words he knows as this will help his confidence, and also help him to recognize words in texts not just in lists.

    I know it might be a little extra work for you but it Might help him move a few levels quite quickly and build his confidence.

    Level 1 books have minimal vocab and are really only designed to be used while the children develop one to one correspondence, directionality, return sweep etc. if he has all of these it might even help to go to your local library and borrow some level 2's or 3's. They always have pm books in the kids section you just have to look for them. By reading the level 2 and 3 Books he will be exposed to increasing vocab and that should help his reading improve as well.

    Good Luck!

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    Level 1 in PM at the start of year one would concern me. At our school that would qualify him to go straight into the reading recovery program so I would ask about that - do they do reading recovery, or is there some other kind of learning support? Our teacher has said that anyone below level 5 is started in reading recovery which is a very effective program for helping them catch up and get to where they need to be.


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