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Oh yep, it would be tough struggling through morning sickness during prac. What are you studying? I was meant to do my prac in April/May too but we are moving interstate in May so I've had to defer until the move.

DH has had to go away for work so no TTC'ing this month for us and he will probably be away next month too. If I O extremely late we'll be fine otherwise April will be the month we'll get back into it.
Trying to not think about it and focus on getting fit and eating right. (Easier said than done).
Hey :-) bummer about your DH being away at the 'wrong' time. What r u studying?
I'm doing my education degree. Been at it for 6years as a pt undergrad - 'only' two or 2.5yrs to go!!! Depends on this baby making thingo! and timing.
Will be nice when I'm done and can do a little bit of work and get some cashola
Moving interstate sounds huge. Is it working out well?