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    Default Multiple d&c causing weakened cervix?

    Hi all.
    So my main question is does anybody know if it's true or have experience with d&cs causing a weak cervix???
    A little background history - We began IVF.. in 2011 due to husband being infertile. I had a number of fertility tests as well one of which was a hysteroscopy which included a routine d&c judt to clean things out. I went onto to have two early miscarriages (no d&cs) and my new FS d3cided to do a laparscopy where he found endometriosis and removed it. He did another d&c at the same time. 6 mknths after i finally fell pregnant with my son and his twin in 2013 via FET. I miscarried my sons twin in the 1st trimester. Then at 21 weeks I was admitted to hospital for a funnelling and short cervix. I was put on bed rest until 33 weeks and also had to take progesterone pessaries up until then. I was lucky and delivered a healthy baby boy 2 days before my due date (vacuum delivery and induced after waters breaking and no progression).
    I have just had another laparoscopy done which also included a routine d&c and hysterosocppy/tubal studies. All was good, no endo had grown back either. So we are going to be doing a FET next month to try for number 2.
    I am totally freaking out though and worrying that if I do get pregnant I could have a weak cervix and lose the baby. Bed rest this time round just isn't possible with hubby in the army working away and a toddler to chase after. So in total I've had 3 d&cs. How at risk am i? Keeping in mind i went full term with ny son? Any advice etc would be great, thanks in advance and sorry for such a long post!

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    Chat to your obs and they may do a stitch if they think it's an issue. I'm sorry for your losses.

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