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    Default 3 week old not sleeping

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone could give me some advice. This is my second bub. He's 3 weeks old. He hasnt slept well from day 1. But it seems tonbe getting worse. He wont sleep at all now unless being held. This is getting impossible at night and during the day its hard with a 2 year old. Even if i hold him for 20min until he's deep asleep he will just wake up after 10min and cry. I know the first few months are hard. But just wanted to know if anyone has had a similar experience? Tia!

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    Big hugs to you. I have a 4 week old DD and she is my 2nd as well. She is basically the same.

    I am pretty prepared this time as my DS was the same.

    Tracy Hogg, the baby whisperer, explains why it happens really well. It basically means our babies haven't learnt how to fall back to sleep when they transition. Which is every 10 minutes basically. Baby sleep cycles are 45 minutes. And if they wake at 30 minutes it mainly means they were overtired, which is easy to do when they constantly only have short sleeps. I don't follow her techniques completely but it has good information to understand why they sleep like they do and some ideas.

    I baby wear a lot, in a wrap for now as they are soft and comfortable. Especially when you have another child you have to attend to. And when I have time, I work on getting DD to fall asleep in her basinette.

    If they fall asleep on you, then when they wake at transition (10, 20, 30 minutes) and are in a different place they can't transition back into deep sleep.

    The happiest baby on the block is another great book by Dr Harvey Karp. Lots of useful info on the net about it.

    I find understanding why they wake like they do makes me deal with it a lot better. I think a lot of people think just because their eyes are open and seem alert, that they aren't tired. Newborns really can only last 45 minutes to 1.5 hours being awake, that is from first waking to being completely asleep. And if they are having short naps then the time is even less. For my DD she goes from awake to complete tired meltdown really quick if I don't pick up on her sleep cues.

    I aim to make sure DD has at least 1-2 decent naps during the day that are 1.5-2 hours long, so it doesn't affect the night too much. So baby wearing is the easiest for me to do it.

    Good luck! Don't be too hard on yourself. Like all tasks, babies have to learn how to sleep. It has to be guided by the parents, but there are so many different ways to do it. Do what works best for you.

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    Yep. Baby wearing saved my life. The more they sleep during the day the better it is.



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