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    Default Using Niplette in third trimester?

    I'm in my last trimester with my second child. I couldn't establish breastfeeding with my first for many reasons, one of which was flat nipples (sorry TMI) and I'd really like to breastfeed this time around.

    I've researched a lot and bought an Avent Niplette a few weeks ago to increase my chances of successful breastfeeding. I've been so busy that I kept putting it off, just tonight I've looked at it and realized it says not to use in the third trimester, problem is I just entered the third trimester. I'm kicking myself that I didn't use it earlier.

    Has anyone used this product in the third trimester without inducing labour? I'm really tempted to as it cost quite a bit and I had read that it helps a lot, but I don't want to do anything stupid. Do they just write that on the box to be extra cautious or is it a definite no no? Just looking to see if anyone has a similar experience?

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    I had it with number 3. I lost it by the time she was born though. I'm getting another this time, and will just use it before each feed to draw the nipple out (as recommended by a doula friend who used one). Having said that, I dont see how it would be different to expressing colostrum during 3rd trimester. Maybe ask your midwife about it?


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