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    Quote Originally Posted by amiracle4me View Post
    That's great that your tapping into some mindfulness. The benefit of exercise, especially yoga is that it gets rid of all that pent up aggression and excess energy that's just fizzing round your body. When I'm really angry I go for a run with headphones in and it mentally and physically resets me. Before my dog passed away a good walk every day after work did the same thing. Yoga was originally done to get the body ready for meditation as it relaxes the muscles.

    I don't have a pool either ( wish I did! ) but I go to my local pool and also make use of the crèche they have there. Do you have a local public pool?

    Do you also get much time for yourself? I don't think it really matters what you do but time for oneself is vital. To read, bake, exercise or whatever. Having kids ( sorry, not sure if you have any? ) on top of work and life can mean less time for yourself. It's so important to be have time to yourself.
    Do you follow an app for your meditation? Or a dvd? Like I said preciously, I've always wanted to give Yoga a go & I think I will actually do it this time instead of thinking about it. So thank you for giving me that push I needed. Quick question, when do you find the best time to do yoga? Have read many different theories.. Morning before you eat? Afternoon before dinner? After dinner & before bed? It's so confusing 😳

    I do have a local aquatic center nearby. I only went in there for the 1st time last weekend (moved here 11 months ago) I'm not sure if they have a crèche but that would be fantastic if they did! Will look into it. I know they have boot camp aqua aerobics classes which I thought might be fun.

    And yes, I have 4 kids. I'm a SAHM so I get very little time to myself. A hair appointment every 5-6 weeks is my "me time" but I absolutely need to change that. Since moving we have no family up here so hubby & I just have each other. That's why I originally started getting up early before hubby goes to work to go for a walk. A little piece of time to myself to clear my mind & be in a good frame of mind to tackle the day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shells85 View Post
    I envy those people who can wake up full of happiness & sunshine, don't you? Lol.
    I really think my thyroid is out of whack or I need to take a higher dose of thyroxine. Are you hypo or hyper?
    Is that Yoga program you recommended for beginners? As I have never done it before.
    I agree with the holidays ruining good routines & eating. Tomorrow my kids go back to school so I'll try kick off my 5:55am wake ups & go for a walk. It's gonna be tough lol
    Haha yes, it would definitely make life easier! I'm hypo, and long overdue for my check ups 😖

    The yoga is for any level, she gives alternatives if something is too hard/easy, I'm also a beginner.
    I find the best time for me first thing in the morning, I do it before breakfast, I find it most effective when I don't have the kids around and the room is quiet, and when I can really really listen. Afterwards I feel energetic that's why I prefer it in the morning.
    Usually when I'm not stuck in this rut, in the evening while we watch some tv before bed, I'll lay out the exercises mats and then I'll just do stuff with the kids, some stretching, a couple push ups, sit ups, plank what ever they think it's fun and I figure it's got to be better then just laying around on the couch. Otherwise I'll do something hi impact before bed, I find that better at night then yoga type stuff, but that may just be me!
    Well here is to February being the month to get back into healthy routines!


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