[QUOTE=GingerKat;8430118]FYI, have you ever visited It's hard to summarize because but to give you an example of what it looks like (we are swaying girl), my regime is this:
- High carb, low protein, low fat, vegetarian diet with coffee and alcohol if you can. No good fats or animal fats if possible.
- skip breakfast, and NO snacking between meals.
- DTD at the first positive OPK - only one attempt is allowed in your fertile window. If you don't use OPKs then DTD every 4 days. Timing doesn't sway. This is one point that they stress. Its the amount of attempts that sway. The more attempts in your fertile period the more it sways boy.
- take fibre supplements
- do cardio exercise for 60 mins a day, 6 days a week (I'm not doing this is my sway, I just don't have the time) - do not do any weight training

I did almost the opposite to this and got my 2 girls lol. I would have breakfast, snack in between, BD everyday in fertile period, first time around I did weight training with exercise, and then second time around I didnt do much exercise at all..... still got my two DD's...

I think most of the time it really comes down to whats meant to be will be

I'm looking at more supplements and diet to gender sway....