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    Also please pm me if you want someone to talk to. It can be very isolating, and it is easier to talk to others going through it.

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    Default Bipolar 2, What has your experience been?

    Hi @Trio I am sorry that your family is going through this.

    I was diagnosed with bipolar 1 after the birth of my first child and in my experience it took quite a while for me to accept my diagnosis. I would absolutely get a second opinion, it is can be very hard to diagnose mental illness and people are often misdiagnosed. While bipolar was the right diagnosis for me i was misdiagnosed and consequently mistreated (in terms of medication etc) for ten years prior. It is really important to get the right diagnosis to access the right treatment.

    It is also really important to find a doctor (preferably a psychiatrist) that you and your DH are comfortable with and trust, bipolar is a chronic condition and your DH is likely to be working with the doctor for a while so no harm at all in shopping around until you are both happy.

    In terms of anxiety, I have very bad anxiety and always did. Anti anxiety drugs didn't really do much, but once I was diagnosed with bipolar and put on a mood stabiliser I got a lot better.

    It will probably take a lot of time and trial and error to find the right medication or right combination of medications. I tried many many medications in all sorts of dosages before the doctors found the magic combination. It is really stressful and frustrating when you are having side effects so I totally sympathise with you and your husband.

    But it can also take medications weeks to kick in and it is quite normal to experience side effects until the body gets used to them so hang in there!

    The great thing is that your husband is on board with treatment and has a wonderful support...you! Just remember to look after yourself as well. It can be a hell of a time and I often felt it was harder on my husband (my supporter) than me. Lean on friends and family, make time for yourself and don't be afraid to seek counselling yourself if it all gets too much.

    Wishing you and your family all the very best.

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    There are some amazing suggestions coming through. My brother is bipolar and I have to agree, get another opinion and see a psychiatrist. Mess can take a while to work out. Hang in there. Having support from family is so crucial in getting through and you sound like a fantastic loving wife. Make sure you look after yourself. It's hard being the one holding the whole family together and make sure you get support of you need it. Sending much love and courage your way xx

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    Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement and support.
    We had a good day today. Sh took just the one tablet this morning, and while he was feeling on edge and nervous, he was able to function well and help with the kids. We ended up going to the dam, mostly knowing that being in our new house is abit of a trigger. So I tried my best to keep him busy and stuff so we would end up with less time at home, but once we did get home he was much better, said his nerves had gone. Which was lovely! Like a little glimpse at normality. But just before bed he must have felt himself slipping a bit and took himself off for some alone time. He was okay, nothing like yesterday.
    It's just going to be a long road by the sounds of it. I love him immensely, and the kids adore him, so we will get through it as a family.

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    How are things going now @Trio ?


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