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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaybaby View Post
    As a West Aussie I travel to Bali regularly. I also work in travel medicine
    Bali is truly beautiful and one of my favorite places...it's cheap, the people are lovely and it is very diverse. For honeymooning definitely stay out if Kuta, if you still want access to the bustle then look at Legian/Seminyak/Tuba (where Bali Garden is). Sanur is lovely, away from Kuta a bit, but quiet and relaxed. Nusa is more upmarket, bit if a drive..more "resorty", less culture. All just depends what sort of holiday you are after - just remembered traffic can be bad, so it's nice to have some shopping and restaurants nearby.
    With regards to health :-
    1) Dengue - daytime mozzie - wear repellent at all times - 30% DEET
    2) Rabies - no real need for vaccination - but you MUST get post- exposure treatment if you are bitten or scratched by anything with fur and teeth. DO NOT go to the monkey forest!!
    3) Hep A - recommended vax - food bourne disease through poor hygiene /faecal contamination of food. Make sure your childhood vaxs are up to date esp Tetanus and MMR.
    4) Water - bottled only.
    That's the basics really - remember Bali, Thailand and Fiji are all developing countries.
    Thank you! This is very helpful xx

    Any particular repellent you would recommend?

    Tetnaus is recommended every 10 years is that right? And if I had MMR as a child do I need to get it again?

    Thanks so much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoThisIsLove View Post
    Thank you! This is very helpful xx

    Any particular repellent you would recommend?

    Tetnaus is recommended every 10 years is that right? And if I had MMR as a child do I need to get it again?

    Thanks so much.
    No problem - happy to field questions - there is a lot of mis-information out there!!

    Repellent brand isnt particularly important just make sure it has 30-40%DEET (or diethyltoluamide) and apply 3-4 times a day (and re-apply after swimming). No need to use things like Bushmans Tropical - that stuff is 80% DEET and will melt your shoes and is no more effective!! Repellents bought in Bali are usually only 15-20% DEET and need to be applied every 2 hrs.

    Yep tetnus 10yrs. MMR - yes you would have had as a child, and possibly a dose pre-pregnancy (for the rubella component). You need 2 MMR vax in your lifetime to have good immunity.

    Also, if anything comes up (illness/rabies exposure etc) the BIMC (Bali International Medical Centre) is the place to go - it is Australian owned and has very good, safe medical care. Please do not travel without Travel Insurance, wherever you go!

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