I have bought from Asos online
1 black wrap dress
2 SS feeding top
1 black jumper
1 black adjustable work pants

Also have
2 LS feeding top from Dannii Minogue range from target but it hasn't washed up very well compared to Asos clothing.

Still wearing normal jeans but have belly belt underneath to hold them up and larger sized tops that are long

2 sets of bigger PJ's

3 maternity singlets

4 maternity bras (have from 1st baby).

But during pregnancy I've bought some bigger sized target $7 bras and put on an extender across the back

Like others I cannot justify spending s fortune on some clothes when I already know I won't ever be wearing them again after this Bub (currently 30w5d.

I bought come soft wasted pants for post baby as I'm already scheduled for a C-Sec @ 37wks due to health complications