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    Default Breast feeding second time around

    Hi all, I'm sure my queries have been answered many times but I just cant seem to find the help and answers I need.

    In Jan 2014 I had twin girls born prematurely and through the ivf process. I had absolutely no change in breast size during pregnancy and felt no milk supply come. After two days of the girls being born I had tried pumping for them as they were too small to feed themselves. I barely had anything for them. I was put on domperidone (sp?) to help with the supply, and I made lactation cookies and tried lots of herbal supplements but I only had enough for one child. So they received alternating feeds. It was a very frustrating 4 months, after that I just did not have enough to fill them up and the bottle and formula it was.

    I'm planning on having another child. What i'm curious about is, is this going to happen all over again? Will my breasts ever work properly? One side feels very deformed and useless :-(

    This matters a lot to me. I feel very bad for not being able to do a motherly instinct thing. I don't really know where to go, what doc to see or specialist. I'm in the NT.


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    While I only had one child, I also experienced some supply issues first time around. I saw lactation consultants, took motilium, ate lactation biscuits, etc. and ended up giving complementary formula feeds for the first couple of months until my supply finally got there. I was also really lopsided, to the point that there was a noticeable difference between cup sizes and my DS1 would whinge when I tried to put him on the left side.

    Second time around, I have found things so much easier. My milk came in much faster and was plenty to satisfy DS2 right from the start, without any milk-boosting foods or medications. I'm still lop-sided but it doesn't seem to bother DS2 as much, and this time around I've just accepted that I always need to offer both sides (starting with the low supply one).

    I was pleasantly surprised, and hope that this will be your experience, too.
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