ello ladies,

I'm 34 and my partner and I have been trying to conceive for 12 months now. Started seeing a FS in Oct 2015, since this time I've had a HyCoSy ultrasound which found that I have polycystic ovaries (but not PCOS). Temp charting and OPK have not yet shown that I ovulate (not a surprise I guess). I was due to start clinical ovulation tracking with pessaries and a trigger early Jan (day 8) but AF never arrived which is the first time
ever. I'm now day 54 (usual cycle is 33), and have been into the clinic for bloods and scans. The scan showed that I have upwards of 10 follicles per ovary all below 9mm, it also showed that my uterine lining was only 5mm. I'm off to my FS now on Friday to start Clomid this weekend. My FS ans the clinic all have had the opinion that I will have to head down the IVF path. I've heard that Clomid should be started around day 5, but I'm also concerned about the affect Clomid can have on your lining. Wondering whether anyone else has been in a similar situation and whether I should be asking to try something like Femara instead of Clomid. 😩