My DS2 8yo is thinking about doing dancing. It is all still a 'maybe' at the moment. DD dances so we already have a dance school and are looking at classes. They did have a boys hip hop class which folded due to lack of teacher, she is hoping to source a teacher for this year though. But DS says he's "not really a hip hop kind of boy, he's more of a jazz boy" god love him! At the concert last year we did notice there was one boy in what would be his age group, and there were 2 other younger boys. This is in the whole dance school. He says he's not sure if he would do it if he was the only boy, but maybe. We are yet to see if this boy re-enrols.

What I would like to know though, is, if your boy does dancing, has there been any 'backlash' about it? How do people react? Has there been any issues with what their friends think? What does their dad think?

I'd love to say "stuff what everyone else thinks", but DS2 is a very sensitive boy who DOES care what people think, so I do feel I have to take that into consideration.

He did boys dance group at school the last 2 years with about half of his friends (the other half said no way!!), and he loved it. But that was boys dance group, whereas this is largely a 'girls' dance school, so it would be seen to be different IMO.

Any experiences to share?