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    Default losing sex drive due to imature husband

    Since becoming a mother a few years ago I really feel I have changed from being a 'girly free spirit' to becoming a strong woman in charge.

    My husband has not taken aboard the new responsibility very well, i dare say he has resisted them.

    This has translated to the bedroom. I married a older man because I wanted strength and maturity. I also want to be swept of my feet by a strong confident man in the bedroom. But when I see my husband in bed, after he spent the weekend being 'a free spirit with his bros and too lazy to shower' I totally lose interest. I do feel like he is one of my children sometimes he does not like responsibility and he denies any accountability for anything.

    How do i make love to a man like that?, it feels like i'm in bed with a 19 year old and thats the last thing my body and mind desires.

    I understand making a 14 yr old boy have a shower but to have to nag your husband who is 5 years older to do it is suck a turn off.

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    I was reading your earlier post about how your husband acts around his co-workers & now this & I'm wondering what his actual problem is?
    He is a husband & father, yet seems to act like a single teenager. Gather I don't know his age, but I'm assuming he is older to know better. I'm sorry to say, but it sounds to me like you really need to consider if you want a future with your husband.
    The fact that you are suspicious about his actions with female colleagues & are some what repulsed & turned off by the sight off him (and rightly so. Who would a man who doesn't shower?! Yuck) and that he seems to have no respect for you or your feelings are all things that should be taken into consideration.
    If it were me I might try scare him & bit. Tell him you want him out while you clear your mind & see if your relationship is worth fighting for. It might give you time to really think about what you want & it might be enough of a fright for him to pull his head in.
    I hope everything works out. Remember, you need to be happy in order to be the bet mum to your kids that you can be

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