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    Quote Originally Posted by HollyGolightly81 View Post
    I think being pregnant and having a new/first baby in a new city most likely throws most city stereotypes out of the window as you and other new parents are all thrown together into a similar experience and it gives you the opportunity to relate and bond with heaps of different and new people, especially when communities/councils hold so many different activities for new parents.
    This is def true, when you're a new mum there are lots of opportunities.

    I guess I just hear it said that canberra is cliquey when I don't find it that way at all, you just might need to go out and seek ways to meet people. I make new friends every year and not just through my kids, or through people I know but through volunteering, trying something new, going to an event etc.

    I think canberra has a lot of new folk at the beginning of every year and on the Canberra Mums page you'll often see people wanting to meet up/start a walking group/have a play date and not just for people with one baby. I've also found canberra to be a place where mums will absolutely help other mums out. Hell, one time I went to buy something off gum tree and the mum was so lovely I ended up chatting to her and my toddler ran off to play with her girl and took a liking to her, and she invited to stay for a cup of tea and then we ended up meeting up for park playdate. along with stand offish people there are always lovely folk to be found, I guess like anywhere new you just have to be brave and put yourself out there. Which is exactly what you are doing Rose

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    I'm totally in awe of your friendliness and ability to chat to people R&A&H!
    …I wish you lived in the same city as me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunnyflower View Post
    Well I don't. And if you are hanging out with people that live in expensive areas ie Dalkeith , Peppy grove than really what do you expect? The same can be said for exclusive areas in Sydney or Melbourne.
    Eek...I grew up in those areas (but I get what you mean), but having friends from all over Perth, I've found that if people are going to be like that, it doesn't really matter where they come from, it's just them.

    OP, Best wishes for finding your groove in your new location. It sounds like your on the right track 😀

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    Default How do you cope with loneliness??

    Quote Originally Posted by Blessedwith3boys View Post
    I don't think it matters where you live, whether an area is expensive or cheap, I know of suburbs in perth that are full of wealthy people and they aren't cliquey. When I met dh we were from opposite ends of the spectrum and neither of us found the others area of residence cliquey. I think it's more to do with what effort you make to get out there and meet people. If your shy and hang back your most likely not going to meet people easily so you may assume it's cliquey when it probably isn't the case.
    When ds started school I said hello to the other mothers rather than not say anything, you get a hello back and then make conversation, I soon made friends.
    I wouldn't say I'm a shy person, I can be, but not to the point of it taking ages to build friendships. I've lived in other cities around the world, Melbourne isn't the only one I have ever moved to and tried to make friends in, and I definitely think it is cliquey. I don't think people in Melbourne are unfriendly, it is just hard to get past an acquaintance stage because so many already have tight friendships with their college or uni friends, they're just not in 'need' of more friends. My husband, who is part of these cliques, would definitely agree.
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    Just a quick update. I've made a few friends. Whilst they aren't BFFs yet I have a circle of ladies I meet regularly enough for coffee/dinner/drinks.

    I even sent introductory letters to dd1s school friends parents to give them my details. We've had 4 out of the 5 respond back pretty quickly with play dates.

    Everyone I've met has been very friendly and I'm feeling pretty good. Especially after my big chat with dh and his sporting commitments.

    Happy Friday

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    Just a thought - not sure if you've found it yet, but the Canberra Mums Exercise Group FB page is fantastic. They have a lot of free or low cost exercise options organised that you can do with one or more babies/children in tow.

    Glad to hear you have some lovely friendships forming.

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    My friends these days are on facebook. I don't see them that often as we live far away but we do try and catch up when we can. I socialise on FB and other forums with other adults.


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