Hi all ,
Here to get some advice from mums who've gone through this or are currently in a similar situation.
Expecting our first baby who developed kidney health problems. Unfortunately the doctors keep telling us that they wont be able to say what exactly it is until baby is born. It could either be blockage in the uretra causing kidney dilation or PKD. They set us up with a specialist who sort of explained these illnesses and their outcomes but after doing some research of my own i feel like i havent been given much information. Its too hard to prepare for so many possible outcomes and i wish they could tell us what the problems is. Especially since from what i understood in my research PKD can be tested by genetic testing or blood test from parents to see if they are carriers. I wonder why havent they offered any of this testing to eliminate or confirm PKD . Plus when we had our amnio done (for other reasons that all came back clear ) the genetic people told us they might pick up on other illnesses that we dont even know about. How come they didnt find this?
Seeing the specialist again this week and i was hoping that maybe some mums can give me advice on important questions i should ask ??
Thank you all in advance