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    Both of mine were day and night dry within days and no accidents a few months before they turned 3. No idea how they got the toilet training gene but missed the sleep one!

    I wasn't ready for either of them and had no idea they were ready till they literally told me "I a big girl/boy and don't wear baby nappies now".
    Apparently I was super bladder kid too and would go all day at school not using the loo. Oh how I wish I was like that now.

    From seeing others struggle for months and months and getting frustrated i'd say, they'll let you know when they are ready. Offer it before bath etc but don't force it.

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    Op your little one may not be ready.

    Ds1 and ds2 were a breeze re toilet training and both started just after they were 2. Also used a cars musical potty which was great, the concept of sitting on it and it playing music they both loved.

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    We pretty much did the same although i didn't know it was a method nor called the 3-day method.

    For pee it clicked fairly quickly, after two days. Poos took longer (couple of weeks).

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    I did early toilet learning with my first and she was out of day nappies at 21m (night took until nearly 4). DS just would not have a bar of that method though.

    He's 2.5 and we started almost a week ago - just full time jocks when awake (pull up for nap, nappy for sleep), lots of praise and a sticker if something goes in the potty.

    Half way through day 2 and I was ready to pull the pin. We're replacing the carpet in a year so no stress about the floor, but he just wasn't 'getting' it. He has great bladder control and would only wee about every 2 hours or more. Then, at about 4pm on day 2 during nudy time he did a bit of wee, looked at me and made a noise, I brought the potty over and he sat down and released the rest of the wee. I was so relieved as it was a sign that he was getting it.

    He's not asking to go, but will say yes if I ask and he does need to go. He's not a great communicator anyhow though. Most of the time I am just putting him on at typical toilet times (before/after meals, before going outside to play, after coming back in, 15 minutes after a big drink, before leaving for the shops). He will be at daycare again this year and I know they will follow this pattern as well.

    All the accidents he has had in the past 2 days have been when playing outside. All poos have gone into jocks though, so that's our current challenge.

    I know it is still a bit early to call, but hoping we are well on our way.

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