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In response to the original post.... This was exactly what happened to me/us with our DD! Exactly the same, it's scary in fact.

I kept BF but I have always given my daughter top up formula too. Once DD got to about 6 weeks old Bfing became so much easier because the starting lathing on herself etc. I'm glad I didn't give up although I was so close to throwing it all in. BFing is such a special way to Bing so I urge you not to of possible. Many babies are combination fed and I think it has many advantages.... It's nice for dad, it takes the pressure off you and it means you can go out for a while and not worry about the baby so much.

I was incredibly anxious and stressed for the first few weeks of our baby's life but now she is great (11 months) and has a bit of a belly on her!
Thanks for sharing your story. Def took some pressure off me when my DH can help with feeding. He loves being able to help as well. I'm going to BF as long as I can. It's all up to her now. I will continue until she wants to quit.