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    Default Negative Hcg with pregnancy symptoms?!

    Long time lurker, first time poster!

    So this whole last month I have been feeling off. Nauseous, migraines, smell and breast sensitivity, all the same symptoms I had with my previous two. Been using the withdrawal method - I know! Now period is a week late, started with brown spotting and found a transparent bubble on my pad that looked like it had a yellow tinge inside. Spotting turned to heavy clots and I was getting pinky grey bits when I wiped. There actually wasn't much typical period blood, just blood stained mucus. I stopped having all the pregnancy symptoms but started getting painful cramps which is when the clots would come out. I also had shoulder pain and lower back pain. So 2 days after this I saw my doctor who told me it was a miscarriage and took my quant hcg bloods. These results came back as 2 which is considered not pregnant. I would be around 5 weeks. She pretty much finished up and ushered me out saying it is just a late period. I am still spotting and have little pink bits when I wipe and the smell also is quite different to normal. Almost like lochia. I feel very fatigued, dizzy and weak. With my last two pregnancies I never tested positive until 8 weeks. I haven't lost or gained any weight, not under any stress, no meds, pretty much same lifestyle. Periods are always on time, light and regular. Can anyone shed any light on my situation? If I wasn't pregnant, can someone explain my symptoms? Could it be a chemical pregnancy? Could I have had a very low hcg at the start to justify the hcg of 2? Or is it just to early to test for hcg? Sorry for the long post, I am just so overwhelmed and confused.

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    Oh hun, I'm so sorry, it does sounds like a miscarriage to me. What you described was exactly what my last mc was like. The clear 'bubble' sounds just like a gestational sack, or blighted ovum. Once this has passed out of your body your hcg levels will drop right down. But my OBGYN told me that my levels needed to go back down to zero (they had dropped to 2 at that stage).

    If you're still experiencing spotting, cramps, strange smell & feeling ill then that is classic symptoms of retained product. This can be dangerous if left untreated as it can turn into an infection. Infection can result in uterine scarring and fertility issues. Please see a Dr asap to get checked out. Ask for a referral for an ultrasound so they can check for retained product. If a gp doesn't take you seriously, go to your local hospital.

    I hope it's nothing serious hun, but better to be safe than sorry and get checked out!

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    I'm doing IVF and had a chemical 2 months ago which caused me to be a week late. When AF arrived it lasted one day and there was very little bleeding but two big clumps of translucent/greyish tissue clumps that were curled a bit (looked like some sort of sac/s) that I passed. There were a lot of clots as well but very little bleeding. About 3 days later I had a very light bleed and then it was over. My levels from memory were quite low before that happened and then went back to my resting hcg levels because I've since cycled again.

    I am really sorry but you are describing sounds like a chemical as well. It could have started to drop pretty much straight away to get a level of 2 (that could be your resting hcg - it doesn't always go to 0).

    For peace of mind you could always get a repeat test done after giving it a few days.


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