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    Default 7 month old never stops crying!

    Okay, I have been dealing with this for 7 months now. This has been an ongoing issue and I think I'm finally ready to crack. DS2 has been crying constantly since he was 4 days old. He is the most unhappy baby in Australia! DS1 was the happiest baby, you could put him anywhere and get everything done. So imagine my shock when DS2 is completely the opposite.
    We changed formulas. We went to hospital twice. We got losec for reflux. After what seemed like constant dead ends we gave up and just admitted to the likely fact that he is just a really clingy baby.

    7 months on and although age has definitely made a difference. He still cries 80% of the time. The only time he won't be crying is if I am holding him. If I step away to get something done he will scream the house down. He has the LOUDEST scream of any baby I have heard. I never get anything around the house done. He still wakes up 3 times a night, so Im constantly sleep deprived also.

    I'm not so much looking for tips with this post (as everything I have tried up until now has done squat). I am basically after reassurance that your little screaming terrors eventually stopped also!

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    Hi Katieerin
    I feel your pain! My dd1 is 3 months old and does not like to be put down. I haven't fought it and hold her all day. I'm so envious when I hear other mums talk about putting their bub in a swing, rocker, bouncer etc and be able to get jobs done bub free. Dd even insist on sleeping being held during the day.
    I would have lost my sh*#t if I didn't have a carrier to put her in, so I can still get a few things done.
    Hang in there, hopefully our bubs will grow out of it! 😊

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    Is bubs getting enough to eat? Do you have a rocker or a portacot you can put your DS in so he can see you because it's important that he learns to be apart from you for a little bit at a time because it will seriously do your head in if you can't have five minutes to yourself here and there. Let him cry or scream, I know it seems cruel but if he isn't hurt, he has a full tummy and a dry nappy, he is pushing your buttons. Kids are clever little beings. He needs to learn that you can't hold him every second of the day.

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    Agh I feel your pain. My DD is similar, although it can be anyone holding her and she will be happy. Lately I've been able to put her in the highchair with a teething rusk and she will be ok for 15-20 mins. But yeah, otherwise I have to be holding her or actively playing with her on the floor for her to be settled. I had weaned her off co-sleeping but when DP went back to work (overseas) she stopped sleeping in her cot. Sigh. All I can say is that your not alone. This stage can't last forever.

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    My first was like this. A carrier was great.
    As she got older and could get around, she found more to entertain herself. She was still a very clingy kid, but gradually got used to the idea that I expected her to do her own thing while I had other hints to do. She's 3.5 and can still be very demanding (like most kids), but certainly doesn't scream all day if I'm not holding her.
    My second has been SO much calmer in comparison. It's amazing to be able to put a baby down and, you know, leave them there!


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