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    That definitely wouldnt include us - my birth was an induction at 38wks for IUGR, so it wasnt without its complications, & I had a small/ skinny IUGR baby who wouldnt feed, so it was a difficult time.
    Interesting - south Australia has completely different guidelines for GBS. They say if inadequate antibiotics then a full blood count and obs for 24 hours and if adequate antibiotics then obs for 4-6 hours.

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    I think though that policies can be interpreted very differently. While I've never been forced out, I've given birth at 2 different hospitals with vastly different experiences. Both had a pro bfing policy. The first hospital was militant, bordering on abusive on their stance. The second was very supportive with bfing but also supportive if you choose formula (ironically with the second I was able to bf much longer as a result of their help).

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    I stayed for 4 nights with my C section, but next time I'd rather be home the next day if I physically would be able to, I just want to be home with my family and their help over a busy and under staffed hospital.

    I'm pretty sure you can stay as long as you wish and it was advised as a minimum discharge. A friend of mine was in a public hospital as a public patient who was induced, which ended in an emergency C-section. She had a healthy bub, no problems with the c-section, no issues breastfeeding, no complications afterwards, but she chose to stay in hospital for 14 nights...Yes 14! Why? A friend of hers told her that if she mentioned to the staff that she was "depressed" (she wasn't, she gloated that she used it as an excuse to other pregnant mums we knew to "use it" if they didnt want to leave) that they would let her stay as long as she wanted, so thats what she did.

    Turns out she just didnt want to be at home with bubs alone because her boyfriend had to go back to work after a week of bubs being born & it was easier being in hospital. Even though she lived with his family and they offered to take time off work while she recovered. It wasnt until the nurses were asking her around the clock on the 15th day "when is she looking at discharging herself" that she got the hint that it was time to go home.


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