Hi all,

i realise this is a long shot but we're a bit desperate here.

Many kids have that favorite toy, for my daughter (5) it is her Cabbage Patch doll 'Maggie'. Maggie goes everywhere and today we lost her.

She was left in the parents room at Coffs Central shopping centre at about lunchtime today (31/12/2015). My daughter put her down in the restroom to wash her hands and then left without her, I didn't notice as my toddler took off out the door and I had to chase him. We had lunch in the food court, then realized she was gone, went back the restroom and she wasn't there.

Maggie is a white Cabbage Patch, newer style, brown curly hair, green eyes, wearing pink nightie with a giraffe on it.

We informed the staff at the concierge desk and they have taken details and my number in their lost and found book but so far no call.

As I said I know it's a long shot but if any mums here found it could you please return it to concierge desk and we will collect it.