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    I bought an awesome mint kettle from spotlight.

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    Default Kitchen decor

    You need to watch 9life, it's my favourite channel. Lots of reno shows. There is a show called fixer upper and I love how she styles the house. She had this idea to have a French provisional tray near the kettle with a tea set on it. I used this idea but instead of a tea set I have the tea, coffee and sugar (French provisional style) holder in the tray.

    I don't like clutter either

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    Check out Houzz dot com dot au. They have millions of ohotos to give you inspiration.

    I think canisters, T2 do some block coloured ones.

    A colour toaster and kettle - k-mix brand have heaps if colours

    A large colourful ceramic bowl to use as a fruit bowl

    A small potted plant or herbs

    A stone mortar and pestle

    A tall clear cylinder case filled with lemons, limes and oranges

    A bread box

    A nice utensil tin with 4-5 colour coded utensils

    An ecoya scented candle

    I'd get rid of the knife block set, I don't think they're very attractive at all sorry

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    Got this excellent post from homedecorbuzz about kitchen gadgets for new baby born parents.

    It’s not always about doing new things in kitchen but it’s all about reinventing the way you perform old task just by buying new gadgets for kitchen area. Kitchen is all about having fun and of course for eating and drinking purpose but for new parents its bit difficult to manage their child along with performing tasks in kitchen. Yet there are so many gadgets which need to be replaced in order to perform tasks in easy manner especially for new parents.

    Kitchen Gadgets for New Parents

    Nutri Ninja Pro

    It is next to impossible to convince children to consume green leafy vegetables. One great way to make this possible is to buy Nutri Ninja Pro, a 900 watt vitamin and nutrient extractor that makes veggie smoothies. It helps to make delicious treats, fruit smoothies, and mash up veggies that are like by every kid.
    Juice Fountain Juice extractor

    It is bit difficult to decide whether juice present at grocery store is safe to consume or not. In order to overcome this problem and ensure that your kids are consuming high quality juice that is made only from fruits and vegetables, juice extractor is best tool to use. It has powerful stainless steel cutting disc and 850 watt dual speed motor. With this tool you can make fresh orange, apple, tangerine and many more juices in very easy and fast manner.
    Little Peeler

    Bright, miniature fruit and veggie peeler would relax you from safety of children. Even though you are sitting next to your child, while peeling any food stuffs you feel safe as it has soft touch button grip.

    It has 3 pushers and 4 interchangeable blades you can prepare everything from potatoes to carrots. Measuring container would allow you to see how much you had already cut and can easily be detached. Base is also removable to select right chopper for particular item.
    Herb Mill

    While working in kitchen it is bit tedious to cut all herbs in one go. It is very useful to grind fresh herbs like sage, parsley, rosemary and many more items.
    Garlic Peeler

    It is very time consuming to peel garlic. Garlic peeler will help you to peel off whole garlic in half time and made your work easier.
    Pasta Pot

    Specifically for pasta lovers, this item is great accounting to the fact that it is very handy. The unique colander lid snaps right into place and pot is oval in shape which is also better for long pasta.
    Easy Pineapple slicer

    To peel whole pineapple in few seconds this slicer is good option to buy, as it peels, cores and slice the whole pineapple.
    Water bottle Ice cube tray

    Regular ice cubes do not fit in the bottle if the opening is too small. Thin and long shaped ice cube can be obtained if you are using this tray and can easily be dipped in the water bottle.
    Onion Holder

    This kitchen gadget not only holds the onion but also helps you to guide how to cut the onion perfectly using knife. The stainless steel part of the holder grips the onion and removes the odour from your hands.
    Corn Zipper

    Earlier one use hands to remove each piece of corn. Use corn zipper to remove corn effortlessly and quickly. Several rows can wiped out in one go.
    Source: http://www.homedecorbuzz.com/best-kitchen-gadgets-for-new-parents/

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    Is it wall next to and below the rangehood? I'd paint that Aqua. My kitchen has white tiles, white cupboards and almost white benchtop. I painted wall around the rangehood a blue/grey colour and it has made such a difference.


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