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    With our first bub we naively thought we could put him in his cot in his own room from day one. I won't begin to list the number of reasons this wasn't going to work, but we were stuck on the first night with nowhere for him to really sleep (took turns staying up holding him sleep on our chest) and DH had to go the next day and borrow a friends bassinet so DS could sleep in our room next to our bed for the first 8 weeks or so (when we transitioned him into his own cot).

    Now you might be lucky and get a bub that sleeps through the night from day dot without having to feed regularly through the night but I am yet to hear of anyone that's been so fortunate. Most likely you'll want to check on them regularly regardless and this is much easier done if they are 1m away rather than down the hall (especially when it's several times a night...). Most newborns feed every 2-3 hours around the clock and then there's the nappy changes, burping, re-settling cycle that leaves everyone pretty exhausted. (Think 5 mins after you put them down they wake up again... Etc etc). The more you can do from your own bed the better.
    What you decide to do is ultimately up to you. The first few weeks can be really tough on the whole family and we personally found having bub in our room for the first few months to be essential whilst bub got used to feeding, sleeping, being outside the womb in general...

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    All 3 of our kids have stayed in our room at least 1 yr, my 3rd is 10 months and co sleeps as he is still feeding at night and I sleep much better not having to get up. All children will sleep differently no matter where they start out both my older 2 sleep fine all night in their own beds and my daughter slept through the night from 6 wks even in a bassinet in our room and breastfed!
    Do what works best for you guys every baby is different, I feel more at ease having them close by when they are so little incase anything happens


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