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    Quote Originally Posted by Clementine Grace View Post
    Could you look for some part time roles at the same time? Just in case you find something?

    Sometimes fulltime roles have room to negotiate for part time too.

    Nothing is set in stone you could start the fulltime work and if it doesn't work drop back to something part time?
    Yep I'm definitely looking for part time as well but it would need to pay really well to make up for less days working and that's pretty hard to find.

    I am hoping to negotiate some days working from home at least for the first six months so the transition isn't so hard on my son and I.

    The grander plan is that by taking this next step up the ladder I'll have more options after baby number 2 and hopefully more time off next time. I just can't believe how quickly it goes ...

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    @ScubaGal I feel for you. I am going back 0.3 in feb DD will be 7 months. I'll be working from home but had to take childcare place or lose it. Will need it mid-year when I go back 0.4 in the office. Struggling with the thought of child care completely even though we were so lucky to get a spot in an amazing centre which was our first choice.
    We're tossing up whether DH quits his job for a year. He hates he only sees DD for an hour a day and as it's before bed she's not at her best then! He's understandably scared to quit while the market is not great as he worries about getting back into his field, especially in Adelaide. He might end up working FIFO if he did take a year off if he couldn't get work here. But he says what would I regret in 10 years time? Spending a year with my DD or spending that time working. He knows he won't regret spending the time with her, he works to live, we have a small mortgage and we're not materialistic so we could make it work but it's a big leap to take. A crystal ball right now would help wouldn't it? And a lotto win 😂

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    Oh gosh I'm going through this same dilemma! I have no choice but to return to work in March as money will have run out, my DD will be 8 months. I am the main bw in our house too but I've told dp I can't go back full time, it's hard enough to leave bubba there's absolutely no way I could it 5 days a week. We are lucky that we have a relatively low cost of living so I can go back part time only. I will still earn more than my partner doing pt than he does ft! He needs to step up and get a better paying job but like your hubby he would have to retrain. He is taking long service leave when I go back to work (which is great as we don't have to use Childcare till DD is 11 months) so I'm trying to push him to study during this time.
    It's so so SO hard - I get so anxious at the thought of being away from my beautiful girl. I know it's just life that we have to work but it still sucks 😞

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    I have no advice in regards to work, because of our situation of living overseas right now and the fact that my wage would only pay for childcare it doesn't make sense for us for me to work unless I just really wanted to but I do have a thought for you in regards to bonding, it's something I was telling myself on our recent visit to the states to see my family. I genuinely don't get along with my mom right now, or really even feel like I like her, so it's was hard for me to be open to allowing a bond between her and DS but what I've been trying to tell myself is this: it is never a bad thing for DS to have more people in his life who love him and who he feels that from and gets to reciprocate it to, love from multiple people will always be good for his development and confidence. I was a nanny before having DS and I can honestly tell you I genuinely loved the children and families I worked for, it was why I continued nannying. Whether you get a nanny or do childcare, your DS will form a loving bond with somebody and that's a good thing for him to experience and feel. I can also promise you that whatever bond her forms, it will never affect your bond with him. No matter how good a day I had with the kids I cared for, they were always excited to see their parents walk through the door and for me to leave, they never preferred me over their mother, I promise you. Good luck with finding something!


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