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    Default Chemical pregnancies

    Just after other people's experiences with a chemical. Specifically what level your beta got to before it started to go down and how long did it take to go back to 0?
    Have you done anything differently since and what have your results been?

    Thanks to anyone who is able to share.

    This is my experience so far...
    8dp5dt HCG 51 P4 58
    11dp5dt HCG 96 P4 49
    14dp5dt (today) HCG 180 P4 ?

    I have an 18 mth old DD as a result of our fresh cycle and this one was our first FET. We now have 3 frozen left. I'm expecting to just try again early next year as I'm guessing they will say that I've had one successful preg and one chemical so we'd just need to go with it for now.
    Our only know issue is MFI so this was an unmediated FET and they were happy with my hormone levels and my P4 seemed to go well without support.

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    @Annerley I'm not sure my case was called miscarriage or chem. It's my only positive test I had in my life so far (it's natural pregnancy). My first beta was around 300 and it dropped to around 240 the second and drop to around 120 on third one. I didn't hold much hope and then the hcg was up to 170 again on the 4th beta so they expected ectopic but I wasn't. I have been waiting for my hcg to drop under 5 and after 2.5 weeks it was still around 50-60 so my GP ordered D&C. Once I got to the hospital for D&C, they ordered another blood test. I was upset and didn't want to do it (I had series of blood test). They insisted and the result was 3 so I don't have to do D&C on that day. Never be happy to see negative before lol.

    In summary, it has taken me around 2.5-3 weeks for level to go down to negative. It was awful. I'd rather see BFN than BFP then miscarriage or chem... Best of luck!

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    @Annerley I had an early loss before DS was born, he was a natural FET the very next month.

    My HCG was 95 at 10dp5dt then at 12dp5dt it had only risen to 135 which was when we knew it wasn't going to survive. By 14dp5dt it was down to 104, and I began to miscarry shortly afterwards. By 19dp5dt my HCG was 22, and by 23dp5dt it was 2.7. Not long after that DS was transferred.

    My FS said early on in that first cycle that very occasionally a slow starter will continue if it "declares itself".

    You'll know which way it's going pretty soon. Hugs.

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    My last cycle resulted in a chemical pregnancy but my HCG only reached 28 then dropped once I was off progesterone.


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