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    Default needing info and advice

    Hi all you new and experienced breastfeeding ladies.. 😊
    I'm a FTM 20 and 22 weeks... My breasts have been leaking for a while now and I wasn't really worried about it as I've read about it and knew that there was a clear liquid that would come in before my colostrum.. However my colostrum has come in now and I'm very worried that I will 'run out' before my little girl is born.. I know the colostrum is very important and I want to be able to give her the most/best I can.. At the same time because I know how important it is I don't want to waste it and if I'm not going to 'run out' i'd really like to try and express more to freeze or to donate... Any ideas? I've heard that nipple and breast stimulation can cause the uterus to contract and cause premature labour? I obviously don't want that.. Any advice would be great... I also read that colostrum won't start to change until after birth and the placenta has separated..? I really don't want my baby to go without it.. Any info?...

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    You won't run out of colostrum...you're milk won't come in until after bub is born.

    You can try hand expressing small amounts and stop if it causes any contractions etc. I did this every evening (for no more than a min) from 19 weeks no problem. But not everyone is the same so I would start slowly. I probably wouldn't express with a pump until after 35 weeks.

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    You definitely won't run out of colostrum!!
    You could hand express or pump from 36 weeks every day and still have lots of colostrum in the freezer for if you need it by the time you give birth. I collected mine in syringes. It can be handy if you have to be away from bub after the birth (as I did with DD1 to have surgery to repair a bad tear, was away from her for 1.5hrs).

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    You definitely will not run out of colostrum, your body will likely continue to produce it until the birth, or at least after the birth. Lots of people dont get any colostrum until after they have given birth. It's not like a limited supply, your body continues to make it, same as with milk when your baby is born.

    Be very careful about expressing, just because it can cause premature labour. I did express from 36 weeks after checking with my dr that it was ok - but I was due to be induced, and was happy if my body would go into labour on my own. I froze little syringes of colostrum in case I needed them after the baby was born, they can come in handy if you need them. If you do want to express, just check with your doctor or your midwife first. I had to wear breast pads in a bra day and night when I was pregnant, because I leaked so much colostrum.
    I also had heaps of milk when the baby was born.

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    That's a great sign. My boobs started leaking colostrum at 15 weeks and I have an amazing supply.

    Don't worry about expressing or anything just get yourself some nice breast pads. Bamboobies.com.au are my favourites.

    You make milk all the time and the more milk is removed the more is made so the fact that your making it this early is a really positive sign.

    Sign up for a breastfeeding class at your local hospital.


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