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    Default Newbie looking for likeminded/ similar friends


    My name is Samantha (Sam) and I have also just posted in the intro section of the forum where I explained that it it has been what feels like FOREVER since I posted in a parenting forum!

    I am 28 and have two children 6 and 9, I live in SE Melbourne and was a regular parenting forum poster when i had my first child. I remember that parenting forums got me through some really hard times, which i think is why i have turned to them again in in the hope that things may improve in some way.

    I am a mum who works full-time and have a 2 hour commute (in total) to work each day. I also am studying via distance ed and began this in April...
    I have worked full time since my eldest was in prep (she is heading into grade 4 in 2016) and I have completely missed out on making mummy friends through the usual ways - PFA, School assembly, school pick up's and drop off's etc.

    I did have a close group of mummy friends before working full time however this has also decreased due to a busy lifestyle and not being able to do during the day catch ups.

    I have come on here to hopefully make some friends, friends who are ideally nearby and happy to catch up and do things out of school hours and on weekends. Friends who are similar to me and understand that friendships do not have to fade away due to people being time poor.

    I am wondering if anyone else in the same boat as me?

    Is there such thing as a working mums playgroup??

    I hate how EVERYTHING is on when I am at work...

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    Hey mate, sorry not sure if you will see this post, but I just noticed no one had replied to you and I wanted to say that I hope you've found some cool working mummy friends to hang out with I'm not in Melbourne unfortunately but I can totally relate - I'm a full time working mum too and it sucks when all the mummy catch ups are on during the day, or everyone's having fun together on the school holidays and we're at work. Hang in there and hope you're doing well x


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