So I've never had a New Years resolution but this year decided to set some goals for next year. Here are mine, I've tried to keep them achievable but I'm hoping for some inspiration from your goals and resolutions in case I want to add more.

- walk at least 4km, at least once per week
- No more phones or tablets at the dinner table, one hour phone free at night after DD goes to bed
- Read to DD every night
- Reduce refined sugar in my diet - only one serving / item of refined sugar per day (e.g. 1 chocolate bar, 1 Tim tam)
- Reduce soft drink consumption - maximum of 1 soft drink per day
- Have a green smoothie (or a predominately veggie breakfast) 5 mornings per week
- Get my promotion - be more assertive about what I want and deserve at work
- Schedule a bi-monthly date day / night and make sure it happens
- Make a baby!