I am undertaking a multimedia social documentary project that focusses on telling about the journey from attempting pregnancy to the first few months of the baby's life. I am after a couple where this will be their first time pregnancy. Each month, I would follow the couple engaging in activities relating to the pregnancy eg: anti-natal class, picking baby names, buying baby products, the actual birth etc. This, could involve, intimate moments such as the baby's birth, so there would need to be an understanding and agreement of what is involved that I can certainly provide to interested couples. Whilst both people would be interviewed and photographed, there would be a focus on the first time father - his experiences as each month passes. The couple would need to live in Newcastle or the Hunter Valley of NSW. This project could be exhibited in a range of exhibitions both nationally and internationally, through social media etc. I would provide the couple with a copy of the final product and printed images of their choice. You can visit my work at michaelrayment.com.au and contact me at michael@michaelrayment.com.au.