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    My 4 y.old still has a cup of warm milk in the morning and at bedtime. I dont see anything wrong with some nice warm soothing milk! I did stop the bottles at around 18 months though, & moved to a sippy cup. I just did a non spill cup so they still have to 'suck' a bit, still comforting, & then moved on to a proper cup. I had to persist for a while to make the transition from bottle to sippy cup,but just kept offering each night. If they refused,I would pour the milk into a bottle. They took it eventually, maybe took a few weeks though.

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    I have no problem with ds1 drinking milk, i just don't want him drinking out of a bottle anymore. He'll be 3 in april. I just tried sippy cup, then soft spout in his normal bottle. He refused both so he's going without. If he's thirsty he's got his water. He drinks his water out of a variety of sippy cups and straw cups and even normal cups. But his milk he wants out of a bottle. 😑


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