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    My girls are 8 (almost 9) and 11. They don't have many playdates. We moved about two months ago so I don't know any parents at the new school and I wouldn't let my kids go to someone's house if I don't know their parents or I don't want kids here for hours on end. Luckily they don't ask too often to have play dates. When I was that age I don't remember having too many sleepovers or have kids come over on the weekend. It was an occasional thing.

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    I know I tend to over think (understatement). And we've had a few shockers of playdates with kids who just sat around announcing "I'm booooored" every so often which took me by complete surprise, hence why I now have a goodies box.

    We had someone over today and it was a bit awkward at first but once they settled into it everything was fine. The girls ended up pulling out almost every item of clothing my DD owns and playing dress ups, and making cubbies in the playroom.

    I'm glad its over all the same. I always feel a lot of pressure to keep them happy and healthy (every bump I hear from upstairs my heart skips a beat - I would hate for anything to happen to someone on my watch).

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    Water gun fights
    Playing outside on the trampoline
    Nature walks ( with adults around)
    Card games or board games
    Video games
    Making a cubby indoors or outdoors
    Baking/making food eg pizzas or whatever
    Sports, running races
    Sack races with pillows
    Dress ups and putting on make-up and/or nail polish (putting on a fashion show)
    Face painting
    Playing in the kiddy pool
    Fun science experiments
    Colouring in or drawing
    Homework/studying ( mine are home schooled but they do hsve school friends)
    Word searches, saduko, other brain teasers
    Arts and crafts
    Sewing, making things (clay, plaster moulds etc)
    Playing with balloons, flying kites
    Having a tea party or picnic
    Having a disco/dance party
    Making papier-mâché things ( so easy!)
    Camping in the lounge or out the backyard
    Listen to music
    Write and preform their own songs or plays (dress ups included)
    Quizes, trivia

    That's all I can think of at 11:45pm lol

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    My DD is 11.5, I usually tend to do something with them first, during the warm up/shy stage, some craft activity, all DD's friends love making stuff. Then I send them off to do their own thing.
    For lunch I usually try something they can be involved in, my go to lunch is pizza, they each make their own.

    In warmer months as we have a very kid friendly yard I encourage them to be outside, then lunch will be a picnic in the backyard, which they usually love.

    I generally don't have tv/video games on offer, and they don't ask, if it's a long play date or sleep over, I tend to finish up with a movie, I just feel at that point they're all irritable and tired so that's my easy way out!

    We have kids over all the time, so they tend to call me to join them occasionally, I make it a point to do fun things with them as I am sure with puberty approach this will soon come to an end!

    I actually really enjoy them-mostly, although 3 girls on a play date is very challenging, there is always one left out- that can be a nightmare.

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