Are they getting work? Do they love it?

We were recommend an agent on the Gold Coast and I took my 3 youngest (5,7,9) on Friday and they loved the kids - they all look very similar and particularly loved that our 7 year old son came as they need more boys. She is certain she can get them extras work very quickly.

There is no upfront cost to be on the books but they do like them to do a modelling course before they book modelling jobs (extras work can be straight away.). which they have offered to us for $150 each instead of $500 as they are super keen πŸ‘πŸ‘

Keen to hear positive experiences as you read so much negative. I did a bit of modelling around age 18 and it was fine though even though people have always said my kids should, I didn't think we would go down that path but since my 9 year old did so well at the recent sound of music auditions in brisbane, she wants to do EVERYTHING hehhe.

Thanks in advance xo