Hello lovely ladies.....I'm at a complete loss as to where or if I even can get my intralipids done in Cairns somewhere? I am a Wazza patient and had egg transfer on Sat and only because it worked in with timing, had my 3 previous intralipid infusions done with the beautiful ladies at St Andrew's. But going forward, as its every 10 days for the 12 weeks, I am trying to find where in Cairns others have been to have it done? I've tried both hospitals (who were very lovely, but either had not heard of it or don't know where to start), and even QFG here in Cairns......they will not 'entertain' the thought and don't anyone in Cairns that will......let's just leave that one alone....... Really hoping someone from Cairns has had it done and can point me in the right direction. Thank you all and very best wishes. XX