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    Default Tell us how you get organised.

    Another fan of Kon Mari. Very insightful guide to decluttering.

    This is a good summary

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    Thanks everyone I haven't heard of Kon Mari but will definitely Google later!

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    The school organisation looks fantastic, you have done a great job with that!

    Another Konmari convert here too!

    I got the two books on my IBooks so I wasn't cluttering up the house with more books, was cheaper too 😀

    I am slowly getting there with my decluttering, would be a lot easier with DH being on board a bit more but there is no change of him reading anything like that...

    I am still struggling with getting organised for meal planning, does anyone have any suggestions for how to tackle that??

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    I'll give you my little organised agenda... It's a work in progress. I'm a single mother to 2 kids and I work 3 days plus tutor two afternoons (the days I don't work on class) and Saturdays.

    My boys do swimming once a week and are about to start Soccer Sat mornings. I also go to 3 regular gym classes a week (this is really important to me as I suffer from anxiety and it keeps my mental health in check without meds.)

    I menu plan each week - I always use what I've already got first and then add any food I need to my shopping list. I have this in a magnetised notepad stuck to my fridge so I'm also in the habit of jotting down an item as soon as it's getting low or finished if it's a regular item we use.

    Because we have two late nights a week I always make sure if got spag Bol or something I can just reheat so j can get the boys fed and in bed at a decent hour.

    My kids are 7 and 4 (starting year 3 and prep this year). DS1 is already in the habit of doing his homework while I tutor and he tries to get it all done in the first day because he knows our house is unplugged (no ipads, TVs, computers) until it's completed.

    Each night I pack our lunches for the next day and I often prep two lots of veg (leave one cut up in fridge in container of water) so it's a quicker dinner the following night. I also take out our meat from the freezer for the next night (oh and when I buy meat I section it into portions in freezer bags.)

    I have a life planner (diary) that everything goes into as we often have paed, psychologist, OT appointments for my DS1 (undiagnosed ASD, still working on it.)

    I do big cook ups (for frozen dinners and baked good for lunch boxes) one a week/fortnight.

    We make our beds as we get out of them and my boys feed the dog each morning and every afternoon put their lunch boxes at the sink. They are trained at keeping their rooms clean and automatically put their clothes in the wash as soon as they change. We still have issues with towels not being hung up but I'll work on it!!

    I usually hang washing at night after they have gone to bed and collect it in the arvo. I'm terrible at getting folded though ... I need to just do it straight away but I find I'm pretty time poor and a quick grab off the line is the go. I could easily fold it at night while I'm watching Netflix but I do get a little lazy. That's my goal this year. It always gets done but can take a few days.

    I do a bit house clean once a week (change sheets, bathrooms, vac, mop) I also vac here and there through the week if needed.

    I'm no expert at organisation but these little things see us getting through the week with very little stress.


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