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    Default Question for babywearing mums

    Hi guys, Im going out to tea tonight with a big group of people with my husband and 6 month old. I'm trying to work out how to sleep him because it will be on his bed time.

    I always wear him in my ergo during the day when doing housework, going for walks, shopping etc I love wearing him and he sleeps well in the ergo.

    We are having trouble getting him to sleep in the evenings when we are out because he will only seem to settle for the night in his own bed at our house. And he will just stay up and fights sleep until he gets overtired and grizzly and will start screaming so we just have to go home.

    Well tonight I don't know what to do because we will be sitting down and I find the ergo uncomfortable sitting down in, and especially leaning over to eat impossible. Also, he seems to wake up when I sit down when he is being worn, but he may be different if I was wearing him at his bedtime, who knows he may stay sleeping since its this time of night when I sit. But I'm worried about putting him in the pram because there isn't much chance he will sleep in there (especially for long), and I know my in laws rush over to him every time he starts waking which makes him wake up more. I want everyone to stay out of his way so he can sleep and so I can shush him back to sleep if he wakes, but I know this will not happen. My in laws take over when they can! They even take the pram away from me so they can rock it and it s...ts me off!!!!

    I really just wanna wear him because I know people won't be able to just take over him, but then I have the sitting down problem. And also if he wakes and does want to get out of the carrier, people (in laws) will be rushing over to get him!

    I just wanted to ask what you guys would do in this situation? And also, can you wear your babies whilst sitting down and eating? Is this even possible? Is the ergo ok to do this?

    Thanks everyone.

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    I think the pram is your best option. Trying to sit & eat with the carrier won't be very comfortable for you. At least if bub sleeps for a short time you'll hopefully get a chance to eat. Do you have a sling? That might be a little more comfortable?

    You and your DH might have to take turns holding bub or rocking the pram - eating out at night can be tricky, we always try to go early and be home by 7/7:30.

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    Can you try both? I'd try the ergo but take the pram as a plan B? My DS was never a great sleeper out & about at that age so I liked to have several options. You can't predict how it's going to go IMO, we often took turns walking DS in the pram to get him to sleep in this situation (but he usually woke half hour later). At that age he was way too inquisitive to sit in the ergo at a noisy dinner table, but that was just him. It's worth trying, I have a friend who's DD was more than happy to sleep in her ergo over dinner. Not entirely comfortable for mum, but whatever works!

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