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    Default Implanon & Contraceptive Pill Question Relative to Pregnancy

    Hi ladies,

    Okay so I have a question, might be kinda dumb, I dunno. I might just be crazy. Here goes.

    So I got my Implanon put in about 7 months ago. It was an awful experience, a trainee put it in and it bruised up like nothing I've ever seen before, swelled extremely and killed to move my arm for a few days. Anyway, after this, I didn't have my period for about 2 months. All was well. Then came the storm. 1-2 months worth of non stop bleeding, cramping and all other PMS issues. I went in to my local family planning centre and asked to have it taken out and just go straight back onto the contraceptive pill. But nope, the DR advised I just take the pill in conjunction with the Implanon to stop the bleeding. I went on it for 3 months with no bleeding before being told I should come in if I started bleeding again when the last cycle of pills had been finished. Lo and behold, bleeding came back for about 5 days, heavier and more painful than ever but suddenly... It stopped. Out of no where. Just stopped. I was so happy and relieved. This was 3 weeks ago.

    Then something else happened. About 2 weeks ago, I started to get extremely tender breasts, nausea every so often and felt bloated all the time. I thought nothing of it as I thought the bleeding was just coming back. But it didn't. Maybe it's my body getting used to the hormonal change? I dunno.
    Now I'm experiencing the lot. Peeing more often, bloating, lower back pain, constant fatigue no matter how much sleep I get, cravings for foods I have never even eaten before, nipples & areoles darkening and becoming larger in diameter, labia slightly darker, more prominent bumps on my areoles, more discharge than usual, slight constipation and headaches daily.

    Could the bleeding have stopped because of pregnancy? Is there even a possibility? My SO & I do the BD basically every single day usually more than once. (We're clearly not TTC but wouldn't be bothered if it happened. I for one would be ecstatic considering I'm especially clucky)

    I don't know if anything from my contraception journey has any effect on these things but I would really love another persons opinion. Now I know none of this really matches up with ovulation but this is why I'm asking because I honestly don't 100% understand how contaceptions can affect these things when you change, mix & match.

    I might just be getting my hopes up over my cluckiness. I really really hope it's a BFP when I take the test in a couple weeks, but I'm so scared that it'll say no. Even my SO admitted he'd be sad even thought we aren't TTC right now.

    Might be worth adding that my Implanon has a kink in it, may even be snapped. I noticed this while scratching my arm the other day.

    Any advice welcome. Thanks.

    EDIT: Don't get me started on the mood swings. They're the worst I've ever experienced.
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    Default Implanon - Kills my life!

    Hi @Hunticer

    When my Implanon was inserted 2 years ago I had exactly the same experience - painful, bruised and hard to move.

    Over the last two years my periods have been crazy, so irregular, heavy and painful. I have taken PT several times as I have been convinced that I was pregnant (each time negative). When I went to my Dr they told me this was normal and I shouldnt stress.

    If your Implanon has a kink or feels snapped I would suggest seeing your DR as this can affect the reliability.

    I totally understand the excitement at the thought of a BFP, I was exactly the same. I plan on having mine removed so we can TTC.

    Best of luck for your whatever outcome you were hoping for!
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