Hi ladies,

Okay, so I have quite a complicated situation here and was wondering if anyone has any advice for me.

Roughly two weeks ago I began having pregnancy symptoms. Tender, sore breasts - especially my nipples, nausea followed by a couple of instances of vomiting, sore lower back, frequent urination, headaches, dizziness, metallic taste in my mouth, no appetite, the whole lot basically.

I thought surely I can't be pregnant as I have the implanon implant rod in my arm which I've now had for a year and a half. I decided to do a HPT anyway. The first came up negative which wasn't such a big surprise but considering there were three in a pack I choose to do the others a few hours later. One was negative again but the other was positive! The line was really faint but there was definitely two pink lines! I was terrified as obviously this was totally unplanned.

So, I went to my GP who dismissed the test as being a dud. Afterall I'm on Implanon - how could I possibly be pregnant, he says! Easy for him to say! I requested a blood test anyway but it came up negative. We decided to repeat it a few days later just in case but that too was negative.

I kept experiencing all the pregnancy signs and just put it down to my inplanon messing around with my hormones. Well then, I started to get severe and I mean the worst cramps I've ever had in my life along with spotting that was a dark brown colour. This concerned me as my periods are virtually no exsistent with the implanon in place. So I went back to my GP. By this point I had more bleeding - bright red with a lot of small and large clots. My doctor said it was just breakthrough bleeding from the inplanon and once it ceased I'd feel better. Well, that hasn't happened unfortunately. While the bleeding has stopped since last night, I still feel crampy and have every pregnancy symptom under the sun. I thought maybe a miscarriage but I don't know. I still feel pregnant. My doctor insists I'm not but my intuition is telling me otherwise.

Trouble is I've done over twenty HPT's since my positive result and they all come back negative no matter what brand I use. I have an appointment tomorrow morning with a different GP that has been recommended to me. I am hoping to find out some answers then. In the meantime I just was wondering if anyone has any advice, information or a similar experience they could share with me. I would greatly appreciate it as I am worried and as my topic says, I feel like I'm going crazy!

I guess my biggest question here is: is it possible to be pregnant and for HPT and blood tests to come back negative still?

Thanks for reading and taking the time to respond in advance ☺