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    It's hard isn't it. I recently weaned my 2.5 year old DD. I did it quite quickly because feeding was just feeling ugh. I did the whole, down to one feed a day thing, while explaining mummy can't make milk anymore. She was very sad, that sad face over it was nearly heartbreaking and there were times when my resolve was pretty weak. But the urge to just stop feeding was stronger and I kept saying no, and offering a sippy cup or milk or water or juice. We started a different bedtime routine of cuddling, reading books, sippy cup... sleep. It has taken a few weeks but she doesn't ask anymore now and seems contented and is weaned! Hooray! You have done an amazing job boobing for so long, I think the main thing is DON'T FEEL GUILTY. Kids are resilient, they get over it quicker than you'd think. Hang in there.

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    Update 1 - since I posted we have dropped morning feeds. Threw tantrums for a few mornings but has not asked for milk for the last 2 mornings (he was sick this week too and normally always wants milk).

    Night feeds stopped on Wednesday (he did not ask) and Thursday he asked and I said no so he huffed a little and thats it. Friday - more of the same. Last night we went to carols and he fell asleep with DH carrying him home.

    He had 1 feed Friday as I was desperate to put him down for day sleep. I know I need to suck it up though (I am exhausted and always want a nap so give in).

    So, going ok I guess. Little steps.


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