Hi all,

Can anyone make a recommendation please on how I might find a nanny/babysitter for my daughter on an ad-hoc basis - but is before school care?

I tried a few agencies but it seems like a challenge for them to fill such a position (before school care, less than 3 hours, ad hoc).

I have to travel overseas for work occasionally, and I need my daughter to get to school on those days (my husband starts work too early to be able to do it). My daughter is 11 and the school is a 20 minute drive away.

So it would just be a week here, and a week there, and only for a couple of hours at at time.

What do others do? I see http://www.babysittersnow.com.au/ might be an option to start looking - has anyone else used that site?

Also, how do you claim CCB/CCR when it's not through an agency of any time? Or can't I?

Thanks for any suggestions!
(Note that I can't rely on friends or family to handle this type of care).