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    Default Need a hug (hadn't planned on mixed feeding but 8m/o needs to gain weight)

    Just wondering if anyone else intended on exclusively breastfeeding but, for whatever circumstances, needed to mix feed?

    I've had concerns about my daughter's weight from about 4 months old. She was born at about the 50th percentile then dropped to 15%, then 5% - then we started solids and got her trending along at about 10%. She's now dropped down to the 3rd percentile. Could be because she's active and crawling now but I can't muck around any longer (as she starts daycare in 6 weeks) - I need to try formula to get her to gain weight.

    I found myself really emotional about going to mixed feeding. I exclusively breastfed my son until 12 months and assumed I'd do the same with my daughter. It sounds silly but despite her being happy and healthy and sleeping well, I feel like I've failed because I can't get her to gain weight.

    I know there's nothing wrong with giving babies formula when they need it to thrive. I just feel disappointed in myself.

    Anyway, I was hoping if there's anyone else with 'mixed feelings' about mixed feeding, we could give each other a virtual hug.

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    I know exactly how you feel! All through my pregnancy I was so positive about breastfeeding my DS (first baby). I had seen both my SIL bf their little ones and thought it would be easy and natural. Well I was wrong!! DS latched badly from the start in hospital we had to supplement with formula then we came home and had to keep topping up of a night. He is now almost 4 months and we exclusively formula feed now. He weaned himself off the breast because he worked out it was easier from a bottle and my supply dropped, I had to fight to get him on the breast. He stopped gaining weight which was the final straw. I look at him now and he's thriving, he's more settled and we all sleep better so although I still get moments of I wish … I know we are doing the best thing for all of us. And on the plus side DH can help with feedings more.

    You're doing the best thing for your bubba and as a mum that's all you can do!

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