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    My DH has a VS about 15 years ago when he was in a prior marriage. He said the procedure itself was 'nothing' and aside from some minimal bruising he was fine to return to work the next day.

    The fact that he then left his now ex-wife and eventually married me meant that we then had to resort to IVF to have a baby. No luck for us as yet. It is something to really consider carefully before going ahead with it, because sometimes you just don't know what the future holds.

    At the end of the day, your DH has to be on board with this decision. And at this point it really doesn't sounds like he is. Are you 100% sure he does not want any more children? I find it unusual that he would be so vehemently against it when it is such a common, simple procedure.

    Maybe give him a bit of a break for now. Let the thought of it sink in a bit and then broach the subject down the track, when perhaps the two of you might be able to speak to someone about it together. I guess at the end of the day day, if he says 'no' the answer is no. You may have to be open to considering alternative forms of birth control.

    I wish you all the best of luck navigating this


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    I think your DH should read up/do some research as I can assure you, what he says 'about release' is a load of hooey !

    My DH had to have a general to have his (he had undescended testes as a baby) so it wasn't done as a local, but even so, he had a few days of discomfort, was walking quite gingerly, but after that was as good as gold! Absolutely no issues with 'build up' or release.

    After me having four babies, he told me it was the least he could do for me.

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    My DH had the snip after our second baby 10 years ago and we regretted it 6 months later. We have had it reversed at a cost of $5000 and he had antibodies due to the snip so we then have been on IVF since then and still haven't been able to have another child. If you must many look into freezing sperm for a while just to be sure.
    As for the pain really my DH said it was fine. Nothing a pack of peas wouldn't fix and they still get the release. There just is not any sperm in the ejaculate.

    Good luck.

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    Following. I am pregnant with #2 and don't want any more, have brought up the subject with DH but it's not something he's willing to consider at this point either. I am happy to wait a while but similarly don't want to go on b/c again and don't want any surprises. A little more complicated as DH already had 'surgery' in that area for a cancer last year so I hesitate to put him through further pain. However I am not sure what other options are out there, I hate condoms as much as he does... And don't want any more surgery myself...

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    I think your DH needs to grow some balls and stop making excuses for not getting his balls snipped

    On a more serious note good idea postponing the chat - maybe a week before bub is due isn't the best time.

    If it were me I would stand firm saying you've already put your body on the line, now it's his turn. Condoms or the snip. It's unfair to expect you to carry the contraception burden any longer.


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