Hi, I was wondering if many have issues about ttc with a short lp.
Hubby and I are currently ttc no.4 and have been trying only for 3 months. I've been charting the last two months, and my last two cycles, I've had a luteal phase of only 6 days.
I'm still breastfeeding, however I was breastfeeding no. 1 when I fell with no. 2, and tandem feeding no. 1 and 2 when I fell with no. 3.
Af returned at 6mo with no. 1, 7mo with no. 2 and 11mo with no. 3.
It took 2 cycles to fall with no. 2 and 3.
This next cycle will be cycle no. 4.
I know it's early days in our ttc journey but it's already starting to emotionally exhaust me because it was so easy with the first three. Plus their age gaps are 18/19 months. So far I'm up to 22mo and counting between no. 3 & 4, if I fall next cycle.
Anyone else had this issue? I'd love to hear your stories.