Hi All,

I am a single 32 year old by choice due to past experiences living in Adelaide, South Austraila. I am looking for a sperm donor to assist me with starting my beautiful family.

I have attempted 2x IUI's & 3x IVF cycles this year which have all failed however I have been advised that there is no reason for infertility. Unfortunately the cost of continuing on this conception method is starting to become unaffordable for me and am looking for a donor male to do AI.

I am happy to discuss involvement or no involvement from the donor, the donor male must be Caucasian and relatively healthy.

I am well set up for myself, I own my own home and have done so for 13 years. Its a lovely big block with a large backyard for children to play in, I have family close by and full support of friends and family. This will be one spoilt baby
I have a good job with flexibility in hours.

Please contact me to discuss if you think you would be interested on my email address at croserm@hotmail.com

Thanks for taking the time to read my post!